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Tomasz Stolz


Photography of Hotels and Guest Houses is my passion. Each of my frames has a clear idea behind it taking into account even the tiniest details. Every single photo is taken with full commitment to exceed my clients’ expectations.

I know what your prospective clients may pay attention to. Brought up in tourism I know its specific needs and have years of experience in hotel, guest house and property photography.

Using world class equipment like full frame Canon cameras with set of professional lenses and lighting solutions guaranties consistent results.

Taking photos indoors or outside I make sure I have the right number of photos to give you a choice of shots that best reflect the nature of you venue. Never rushing my work I get to know the hotel which makes the photographs so beautiful.

I work with large, medium and small hotels, guest houses, holiday homes and other types of properties. The duration of the photoshoot can be up to a few days. STOLZ PRO Team consists of three photographers so if there’s a need for it, all of them can work at you hotel.

Photographs provided are definitely going to help with promoting and generating sales as attested to by all my clients so far.

Hotel Photography
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Professional hotel photography is the best advertising of your company.


The prices for my work differ from session to session. They can be affected by many factors: the number and type of rooms/buildings and outdoor locations, length of the photo shoot and the complexity of post-production completed by Stolz Pro Team. These are the most significant parts of the pricing structure.

I would like to assure you that our services are worth every penny (and much more). Look through our reviews and testimonials to hear it from our happy customers.

To learn more or discuss the details fill in the form on the Contact page or send us an email.

Benefits of cooperation with Tomasz Stolz Photography (P1):

  • Clear terms of contract
  • No Travel Fees – Ever
  • Access to my own guide on how to prepare your hotel for a photo shoot
  • No time limit on copyright agreement *
  • Progress updates throughout our cooperation
  • Punctuality and efficiency
  • Creativity
  • Team keeping open mind, always listening to your ideas and working to meet your expectations

Benefits of cooperation with Tomasz Stolz Photography (P2):

  • High-definition photographs taken with professional grade equipment
  • Access to the whole of Stolz Pro Team of photographers
  • Web gallery for accessing your photos
  • Photos on DVD/Blue-Ray/Flashdrive/HDD **
  • Cloud-based storage accessible by you and your contractors for up to one year ***
  • Backup copies of all your photographs (in case your storage devices would get lost/damaged you still have access) ****
  • Additional photo editing and graphic manipulation (additional fee applies)

* Explanations

* – You don’t have to worry about being charged for using your photos online and in print separately. You can use them as you prefer unrestricted by time or location. You get that in writing.

** – Free of charge. Choice of medium for your photo shoot is dependent on how large (in GB) is your end product.

*** – Free of Charge. You get the login details to a cloud storage account from where you can share them as you please.

**** – Free of charge. Your photos are stored in a dispersed backup. You can always ask for another copy and the only costs to you are the media used to create it.